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Steve Williams has always wanted to own a jeep.  His dream has come true…sort of.  The thing is, it arrived in his driveway as two “piles of junk.”  All he has to do is combine the pieces from the two jeeps to create one fully functional M151A2 AMC Jeep.  How hard can that be? Follow our first original production and see how this project changes Steve’s life, how it changes the lives of others and how God can change everything.

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Repurposed Faith

Books for Military and Veteran Wives


Faith Deployed           O.W. Bible           God Strong           Called to Serve


War Comes Home           Home Front           Faith Deployed Again       Tour of Duty

Books for Veterans


*National Bookbunker (PDF link), email


Healing Manual           O.W. Bible           Battlefields & Blessings       B & B – Vietnam


Nam Vet           Once A Warrior


★ Bible Resources


Armed Forces Edition       Desert Storm Edition        Hope Beyond the Battle



Op. Worship (Desert Storm) Op. Worship (Marine Corps)

*National Bookbunker (PDF link), email  Books available via SNAIL MAIL only.


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